25929 Vintage Afternoon tea

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25929 Vintage Afternoon tea

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The _Story

One-off vintage pieces personally selected during trips to Istanbul

Our Vintage rugs are personally selected on our regular trips to Istanbul. We like the slightly more colourful and unusual pieces. Each rug is a one off.

Note: These are not new rugs made to look old. These rugs are anywhere from 10 to 30 years old. We repair, re edged, wash, dye, wash again then let them dry out in the sun.If you can't find what you want on our website, email team@floorstory.co.uk as we have hundreds available and can send you images with sizes and prices.

One-off vintage pieces personally selected during trips to Istanbul
The _Construction

Hand Knotted

Labour intensive and painstaking, hand-knotting is the most traditional way of making and creates rugs of exceptional quality and longevity. Perfect for fine work and intricate patterns, a hand-knotted rug really is the don. Our hand-knotted styles range in density from 60-knots per inch right up to 150-knots for incredibly fine, velvet-like softness.

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Hand Knotted

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