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On the (not so) odd occasion, our team chat leads us to some top recommendations for things to see, taste, hear, smell and feel.

On that note, we’re some of these things to really get your senses going, enjoy!

Maya Njie Perfumes

'Maya is a Swedish and Ghanian Londoner and a self taught perfumier. The beautiful scents wafting out of her studio enticed me in and I fell in love with her Tropica and Tabak scents. Maya hosts regular workshops in her studio and you can book in to make your own scent with her. Highly recommended!

The discovery set is a steal at £30 and includes the best selling scents and beautiful postcards.'

Carlo, Head of Sales

Smell The Scents

Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club

'Starring Jake Shears and Rebecca Lucy Taylor from Self Esteem. The theater in itself was incredible, the stage was 'in the round' so you have a great view no matter where you are, you really feel like you are in an old German speakeasy.

There is a daily lottery for cheap tickets on the TodayTix app & get to the theater early so you can soak up the pre show entertainment!'

Simon, FLOOR_STORY Director

Watch The Show

Werner Herzog: 'Every Man for Himself and God Against All' audiobook

'Herzog's German dulcet tones softly scratch your brain as he takes you into his weird and wonderful life.

Like his films, sometimes I don't know what is real or what is Herzog's deranged truth but I just can't stop listening. I also appreciate that Werner acknowledges the role women play in his life - something that great men often forget to do. The audiobook is available on spotify, included with premium memberships.'

Brish, Sales and Ecommerce Coordinator

Listen to the Audiobook

Bageriet, Rose Street, WC2

'No one celebrates the winter months like the Scandinavians and the Swedish are the masters of sweet treats and strong coffee. Bageriet (translation: Bakery) may be the sweetest and smallest cafe in London.

There's always at least 15 different types of homemade cakes and buns as well as breads and crispbreads to take home.

Their instagram feed is almost as tasty as the real thing! @bageriet_london'

Dani, FLOOR_STORY Operations

Taste the Treats

'Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World' by Timothy Morton

'A really interesting approach to ecology from a contemporary philosopher, introducing the concept of "hyperobjects" and discussing their significance to politics and ethics.

I found it hopeful and thought-provoking, and surprisingly accessible considering the subject matter. I liked how much warmth and personality comes across in the writing, with plenty of references to art and popular culture.'

Andrew, Logistics Coordinator

Read The Book

The Boy and the Heron directed by Hayao Miyazaki

'A moving and wholesome film that touches on subjects of grief, war and overcoming life challenges through an epic adventure full of weird and wonderful characters.

I'd recommend seeking out places where they're screening the dubbed version because the cast is incredible - Robert Patterson voices the Heron and I was blown away by the transformation in his voice.'

Bekah, Showroom Manager

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