Simon Goff

Simon Goff

Founder and Director

Simon Goff is the Founder and Director of FLOOR_STORY, an independent and design-led flooring brand, with a focus solely on rugs. FLOOR_STORY has been housed in the current Shoreditch showroom since 2016 and is run by Simon and his team.

After leaving school and following various jobs within the interior design and travel sectors, Simon began working alongside his father to run a flooring concession on the King Roads. In 2007, Simon and his father set up and ran a flooring department in Heals, Tottenham Court Road. With a focus and desire to develop his own brand, the business at Heals was closed and Simon then set up FLOOR_STORY.

Simon’s creative inspiration derives from his ongoing love of travel, Mid-Century style, art, music and from bold colours and shape - all of which very much inform the overall direction at FLOOR_STORY.

Working with new and established creative talent, Simon is always aiming to produce innovative and aesthetically unique rugs which stand-alone in the industry, offering customers a fresh and exciting edit from which to choose. It has become a personal quest of Simon to travel the world, seeking out rare rugs which each bring a unique narrative and cultural breadth, to the wider collection.

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Simon's Favourite Rug


Northmore by Flock, it was one of the first Hand Knotted rugs we ever made. It's bright with so many colours and will surprisingly fit anywhere, modern or traditional'


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