East London's friendliest _rug dealer

FLOOR_STORY is a maker of beautiful rugs with an eye on craft and unique design, scroll down to hear our story

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East London's friendliest _rug dealer

We are designers and manufacturers of beautiful, high-end rugs with an emphasis on craft, colour and design that goes against the grain. Rooted in Shoreditch, London, our multi-use showroom and studio showcases hand-made rugs with an off-beat design which are a true celebration of quality, diversity and sustainability.

Through the championing of young design talent as well as collaborations with established creatives, we have built a varied and distinctive collection. We work by blending traditional craft with pioneering design to create bold, original pieces. Each hand made rug that we produce is fair trade and recognised by Label Step.

Our unique archive is built on the foundation of guiding designers, from all kinds of design mediums who have often never designed rugs before, into the world of rug-making. It is this approach to design which has led to an award winning edit of rugs, reaching spaces worldwide in both residential and commercial spaces

Our Story in 6 Rugs

2014: Where it began

When breaking out, FLOOR_STORY founder Simon Goff had a fundamental belief that rugs could be more in-your-face, bolder, colour-filled and less ‘safe’. The Circus design was part of our first ever collection, created in collaboration with designer Kangan Arora.

Circus by Kangan Arora
2014: Where it began

2015: Pushing The Envelope

We began to get bolder and more technical with our designs and worked with studio Flock to translate a fabric with well over 100 colours and reduced it to 26, whilst keeping the integrity of the original design, resulting in a rug that provides a myriad of shapes, painterly lines and bright, contrasting colours.

Northmore by Flock
2015: Pushing The Envelope

2018: Our Rug, Your Way

Having an internal design team meant that FLOOR_STORY could now create collections from scratch as well as opening the gate for customers to brief a bespoke or custom project. The Leopard collection began as a client project and developed into our own collection of Wes Anderson inspired rugs.

Leopard in Dmitri
2018: Our Rug, Your Way

2019: Celebrating Design

Simon’s love of exciting art and left-field design was realised through a collaboration with illustrator John Booth which brought all the elements FLOOR_STORY excels at into this exceptional rug which won at the prestigious ‘Carpet Design Awards’ in 2020.

Giovanni by John Booth
2019: Celebrating Design

2021: Reminiscing Old Raver

Inspired by the 90s rave scene and conceived by fashion and ceramics designer Henry Holland this collection brings to life the very essence of of FLOOR_STORY. Celebrating beautiful rugs for modern living combined with convention-kicking cultural references.

4AM by Henry Holland
2021: Reminiscing Old Raver

2022: Community Focus

This wall hanging is part of a two-part collaboration between Choose Love and FLOOR_STORY. The letters were created from wasted tibetan wool from the rug making process and curated by the weavers. Creating both a more sustainable product and a celebration of the rug-making community.

2022: Community Focus

Our Core Values

What we stay true to

We big up creative thinkers, designers, makers and artists to share their ideas, beliefs and passions through the art of rug making. We celebrate the global rug making craft and explore collaborations that ‘give back’ to our community, such as our partnerships with the Crafts Council and Choose Love. We also offer free showroom space to local, independent designers and makers.

You can design any one of our rugs, your way, by bending and shaping one you like the look of, or start from scratch, to create your dream rug. By letting us take you through the exploration of your own ideas, we believe that our rugs are more likely to last you a lifetime.

Our craftspeople and makers are found in the rug capitals of the world. We believe in fair trade and work with each partner to ensure this is always part of the deal. We have a range of rugs created from waste wool and we are always looking for ways to reduce our negative and increase our positive impact. Giving back is integral to our culture and plans to grow our business by continued partnerships with organisations like Choose Love.

The artistry of rug-making dates back over 2500 years. The same techniques exist today as they did back then and we celebrate this! Our rugs are modern expressions of this timeless skill and we will continue to invest in our suppliers to ensure the future of this art.


Each design is a story borne from moments of exploration; passion; bravery and experimentation.


FLOOR_STORY founder, Simon Goff

What we offer

Based in London's Shoreditch district, our showroom is home to hand-made rugs that prove our off-beat approach to rug design creates the very best results.

Through the championing of young design talent and collaborations with established stars, we've built a unique and sometimes left field collection of beautifully made rugs. Standing alongside discoveries made on our regular trips as well as a series of in-house designs, at FLOOR_STORY you'll find rugs that celebrate diversity and creativity.

In our collaborative capsule projects with established designers including names such as Henry Holland, Mac Collins, Camille Walala and Dame Zandra Rhodes along with some of the country's most notable young design talent, the FLOOR_STORY Designer Collection has become a beacon for rugs as an expressive medium and has received notable acclaim.

Your new rug should be the perfect fit, that's why we offer a custom made-to-order programme across all our Designer Collection and in-house styles. We'll make them in any size and colourway you like, making sure your rug fits your home just the way it should. Of course, should you have your very own idea of rug nirvana, we can make that too. Through it all, you'll come to understand why we've earned the title of east London's friendliest rug dealer.

Our in-house collection, bringing your home beautiful rugs designed by us and hand-made to the very best quality by the world's finest artisans. Combined with rugs discovered on sourcing trips to Turkey and beyond, including an extraordinary selection of vintage over-dyed styles, the FLOOR_STORY collection is carefully curated to bring a bold and left-field approach to rugs.

We take our making very seriously, working with only the most ethical weaving centres to create rugs of exceptional quality. Using only the finest wools and silks, our weavers hand-tuft and hand-knot rugs with meticulous attention-to-detail, only possible because of their experience and understanding of rug craft. We are a GoodWeave certified retailer, all FLOOR_STORY manufactured rugs are 100% Goodweave and hold the certified label.

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Simon Goff


Founder and Director
Gill Thorpe


Head Designer
Bekah Smith


Showroom Manager
Andrew Moore


Logistics Coordinator
Brish Turner


Sales and E-commerce Coordinator
Katie Richardson


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