Antiquarian Antique Ushak - Turkish Delight 8894

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How it works

Antiquarian Antique Ushak - Turkish Delight 8894

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  1. Please note that samples are to scale, meaning the sample will show a small section of the rug design.
  2. We require a deposit in order to send the sample out to you, this is refunded when we receive the sample back within the showroom.
  3. The sample cost varies depending on construction, £50 for Jacquard, £75 for flatweave, £100 for tufted and £150 for hand knotted.
  4. We will always send the largest sample size that is available.
  5. We charge £10 UK shipping and £30 International shipping.
  6. Shipping charges will be offset against any order placed.
  7. A FREE returns label will be provided so you can easily send the sample back to us.

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_ Antiquarian Antique Ushak - Turkish Delight 8894

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Made in:
100% PET including 20% recycled material
Available to Order:
2-4 weeks
Rug _Story

Ushak is derived from the rug designs made by the Turkish tribe of the same name

The Antiquarian Ushak collection is derived from the rug designs made by the Turkish tribe of the same name. Used excessivly in mosques and churches. Louis de Poortere uses faded colours for this design and layers of texture and abstract prints merged with historical influence to create a beautiful unique outcome.

Antiquarian Antique Ushak - Turkish Delight 8894
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Invented in 1804 by Frenchman, Joseph Marie Jacquard, the original Jacquard head simplified the process of machine making complex patterns through a number of punched cards ‘chained' together in sequence.

Each card featured a number of punched holes to form a single row of the pattern and the chain could be as long as needed, helping Jacquard equipped looms to produce some really fantastic and surprisingly intricate designs. Now with digital control, modern-day electronic Jacquard machines are computer-controlled, significantly reducing the downtime with changing traditional card machines, avoiding the necessity for repeats and showing almost complete versatility in creating pattern. By far the best way to machine make rugs, electronic Jacquard rug making speeds-up production dramatically, helping to bring beautiful design at a really competitive price point.

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