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Emdal Studio _Signy

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Made in:
NZ Wool and Chinese Silk
Available to Order:
8-10 weeks
The _Story

A representation of powerful and strong women, Signe is simply breathtaking

We met Signe Emdal from Emdal Studio via our friends at Rug and Textile Magazine – CoverSigne had a very clear idea about how the rug should look and wanted to explore using different textures, materials and weaving techniques. We sampled around 5 or 6 times and went out to Copenhagen to visit her studio. Eventually deciding Signe’s design was so strong and beautiful that it need to be simplified, stripped back and let the design shine through

A representation of powerful and strong women, Signe is simply breathtaking
Emdal Studio
The _Designer

Emdal Studio

EMDAL creates work inspired by trees, water, the achievement of serenity and antique objects. Using digital jacquard loom techniques to create textiles with an artistic quality, as if yarns were paint, Emdal has translated its unique style into a beautiful hand-knotted rug for FLOOR_STORY.
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The _Construction

Hand Knotted

Labour intensive and painstaking, hand-knotting is the most traditional way of making and creates rugs of exceptional quality and longevity. Perfect for fine work and intricate patterns, a hand-knotted rug really is the don. Our hand-knotted styles range in density from 60-knots per inch right up to 150-knots for incredibly fine, velvet-like softness.

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Hand Knotted