Meticulously thought-out patterns influenced by architectural shapes and references from both Indian and Japanese ancient traditions.

Kangan Arora Monument

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Custom Rug Sizes _ Tufted

How it works

How it works

Kangan Arora _Monument

Custom _Rugs

  1. Play around with the size of existing designs (if there are multiple custom sections, they are based on different constructions for tufted, hand knotted and hand woven)
  2. A PDF render (digital copy of the design) will be sent to you to sign off before the rug is put into production.
  3. Custom rugs have a lead time of 12-18 weeks (depending on construction). You will receive a more precise lead time once we receive the details of your order.
  4. UK tracked shipping is £25 per rug, for international shipping you will be quoted accordingly at the checkout.
  5. You will see options for standard sizes along with our custom calculator where you can insert a specific size you would like the rug in. Please note for circular rugs the length and width will need to be the same measurement.
  6. For rugs that exceed the maximum custom sizing, please get in touch directly as we will need to give you a special shipping quote.
  7. For any rug shape, design or colour changes please get in touch with us directly or visit our bespoke rug page.
  8. Please see here for our returns policy.

Rug Sample

How it works

How it works

Kangan Arora _Monument

_Rug Samples

  1. Please note that samples are to scale, meaning the sample will show a small section of the rug design.
  2. We require a deposit in order to send the sample out to you, this is refunded when we receive the sample back within the showroom.
  3. The sample cost varies depending on construction, £50 for Jacquard, £75 for flatweave, £100 for tufted and £150 for hand knotted.
  4. We will always send the largest sample size that is available.
  5. We charge £10 UK shipping and £30 International shipping.
  6. Shipping charges will be offset against any order placed.
  7. A FREE returns label will be provided so you can easily send the sample back to us.

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Kangan Arora _ Monument

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Made in:
NZ Wool
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12+ weeks
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Meticulously thought-out patterns influenced by architectural shapes and references from both Indian and Japanese ancient traditions.

As part of London Design Festival 2022, we launched a new two-part collection with textile designer Kangan Arora; Cosmic Check and Falling Shadows. The meticulously thought-out patterns and colour combinations seen across the 10 new rugs are borne from what Kangan describes as ‘often mathematical’ processes. The rugs are produced in 3 different constructs (Hand Knotted, Tufted and Hand Woven), each made with New Zealand wool and are influenced by architectural shapes and references, from both Indian and Japanese ancient traditions.

Cosmic Check is a collection of dancing colours and distorted checkerboard patterns drawn from Indian cosmic arts and board games. The designs are Full of movement and motion, they allude to both the circular rhythms of chanted mantras and the eye-catching graphics of modernist op art.

Falling Shadows draws on arches, openings and architectural forms are picked out with a clean linear aesthetic and simple palate of dual colours. From the gallery to the living room, this collection observes the way light falls and shadows are cast in extraordinary spaces.

The colours used in each rug balance the bold patterns to produce an overall synergy that allows each to sit comfortably in a range of settings.

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Rug _Designer

Kangan Arora

Kangan Arora is a textile designer specialising in print and pattern
Kangan Arora Rugs
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Crafted by punching strands of yarn onto a stretched canvas frame, hand-tufting brings a deep and luxurious texture. The feel of a hand-tufted rug is hard to beat and the technique is ideal for a myriad of shapes, painterly lines and bright, contrasting colours.

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