Going further with GoodWeave

Going further with GoodWeave

We're making sure more of our makers are GoodWeave certified, so that you can be assured our rugs are made with positive ethics at their heart.

We've always worked closely with our makers to ensure that our rugs are hand-made with conscience, supporting families and communities in remote villages throughout India. At the same time, on our regular trips to ensure things are as they should be, we've been encouraging all our makers to make sure that they are GoodWeave certified. The charity is regarded as the rug industry's leading light in making sure that products are free of child and forced-labour. Rugs carrying the GoodWeave label are anti child-labour and forced labour, so you can be assured of an ethical purchase that supports families and communities throughout India and Nepal.

Abolishing modern slavery is something we should all take seriously and GoodWeave works with leading UK rug companies, including us here at FLOOR_STORY, to make sure that it is removed from the supply chain, reducing child-labour by 80% in the South Asian rug industry since its inception in 1995. With recent investment from the Government's Modern Slavery Innovation Fund, GoodWeave International is now spreading its important message even further, working with UK companies in apparel, home textiles and jewellery. Rest assured, we'll continue to work closely with GoodWeave and our makers to make sure that more and more FLOOR_STORY rugs carry the GoodWeave label. Check out a small selection of our GoodWeave certified rugs below.

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