Neoclassical Georgian Style renovation Project
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Neoclassical Georgian Style renovation Project

The Interior design studio DesignLed Studio came to us with the need for rugs to fit a large scale renovation project where the team completely re-built a single-story 1970s home into a six bed Neoclassical Georgian style space.


Lead Time
12 Weeks
Photography by Ruth Maria


Tufted Rugs

Made To Order

The original house (based in Dublin) was totally rebuilt from floor to ceiling. What replaced the original structure was a neoclassical style house which is made up of six bedrooms, five of which are en-suites, an open-plan kitchen and living room, a utility room, a playroom, a walk-in pantry, a second sitting room and an office and a guest bathroom - aka, a lot of space to play with.


‘I knew how I wanted the interior to feel: welcoming, playful - a house that lifts up your spirits. It had to be bold and colourful.’



The project was a collaborative process between the client and the interior design team who shared the same vision of wanting to create a welcoming and playful space which set the place apart from the typical white walled new build. We facilitated this vision by creating made to order rugs, one of which having custom colourways, two of which were custom sizes.

All of the rugs had our full stain treatment service provided before shipping the rugs over to Dublin within a lead time of 12 weeks. The rugs were all tufted, giving a luxurious and cosy feel. On two of the rugs a combination of wool and viscose yarns were used to give a subtle shine which accentuated the contrast between the softer furnishings along with the shinier marble and wooden flooring materials.

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