Led by creative director, Jenny Wingfield, Flock nurtures the best of new British design, working with artists, designers and brands to craft beautiful interior textiles. We’ve teamed up with Flock to create an extraordinary piece that has stretched our artisan makers with a 100-knot Tibetan weave rug featuring pure Chinese silk.

Since its inception in 2013, Flock has been pioneeringfabulous British design seeing it win acclaim from influential journalists as a brand to be noted. Founded by Jenny Wingfield, the studio is famed for bold and colourful geometric fabrics and has worked with graduates, designers and artists from the partnership of Touching Elbows to collaborations with Métier and Sunny Todd Prints.

“When developing designs, I’ve rolled fabrics onto the floor to get a sense of scale and pattern and often thought how they’d be amazing as rugs,” says Jenny Wingfield, creative director, Flock. “So when the opportunity came to work with FLOOR_STORY I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. The already incredible collection of rugs focusing on colour and beautiful pattern left me intrigued to find out how Flock designs would translate.”

Working through Flock’s extraordinary collection of fabrics, Jenny and Simon eventually settled on Northmore, one of the studio’s most kaleidoscopic of designs, confident that it would create a show-stopping rug. Immediately they knew it had to be something really rather remarkable, a truly luxurious finish that left little doubt of the quality of the piece.
Hand-knotted inan astonishing 100-knots per inch Tibetan weave, Northmore is one of the finest available in the Designer Collection, only made more drool worthy with pure Chinese silk and semi-worsted premium New Zealand wool. Featuring an astounding 26 yarn colours, this rug is something very special indeed.

“We spent a mind-bending but wonderful afternoon matching wool to ink to recreate Rachel Parker’s original Northmore fabric design to retain the vibrancy and character that makes the fabric such a best seller at Flock,” continues Jenny.

Rachel Parker’s original design was spotted at New Designers as a bright and colourful collage and Jenny knew it would translate into a fabulous fabric and work exceptionally well as a beautiful rug. Challenging the scale and geometry of the piece, Northmore shows off the colours and shapes hidden within: “Rachel has a fantastic eye for putting colours that shouldn’t work together yet somehow they absolutely do. Inspired by traditional craft, embroidery and stitching techniques, Rachel links original artwork with digital recreation to create patterns that are distinctive for their influences. Collecting, cross-stitching, grids and symbols are big in Rachel’s work and such is the quality of craftsmanship in this FLOOR_STORY rug that even the back looks like a finished cross stitch piece,” says Jenny.