Mac Collins

Mac Collins

For London Craft Week 2021, FLOOR_STORY presents a collaboration at their Shoreditch showroom. Two handcrafted rugs have been created exclusively in partnership with Mac Collins, an emerging British designer and recent Design Medal winner.

Mac Collins continually strives to create narrative-rich and experiential work and for the collaboration with FLOOR_STORY, undertook an exploration into composition, after being intrigued as to how rug-making processes can evolve into the production of something much more than a flat object. Working alongside Collins, the design team at FLOOR_STORY developed contrasting, bold tones and decided upon specific colours which were also identified in much of Collin’s work.

The creative journey took inspiration from Collin’s ongoing focus on materiality and drawing specifically from off-cuts - shapes and textures created by default, as part of the furniture-making process. Working with the team at FLOOR_STORY, Collin’s was able to suggest contrasting tones and differing edges, to develop the rugs which are intentionally three-dimensional in appearance as well as vibrant and aesthetically unique. Much of FLOOR_STORY’s existing rugs are a celebration of colour, meaning the pieces also work well as part of an ongoing edit. Each finished rug is handcrafted in Nepal from Tibetan wool and viscose by FLOOR_STORY’s skilled team of local producers and is GoodWeave Certified.

A specific approach by FLOOR_STORY sees collaborations primarily with those who have never created a rug before, thus ensuring products are always unique and unexpected. Rather than a design, the team aims to develop a mutual, creative concept which is then translated into the final piece.