Pssst... an insider preview of our latest collection; Construct x Emily Forgot
Emily Forgot x FLOOR_STORY
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Bold, Playful & Modular

Construct is the latest collection from East London rug dealers FLOOR_STORY, designed in collaboration with designer and illustrator Emily Forgot

The new rugs are colourful, are in keeping with Emily’s structural style of design and are intended to work either as statement pieces in a more minimal setting or additions to an already colourful, maximalist space.

Construct is the second project between FLOOR_STORY and Emily, following a one–off piece for a Bauhaus influenced show curated at Amsterdam’s De bijenkorf store.

'I'm very interested in design movements from the past, from the clean lines and simplicity of modernism'
Emily Forgot
Emily Forgot x FLOOR_STORY Modular Rug Set
Emily Forgot x FLOOR_STORY Modular Rug Set

With work that sets out to merge the boundaries of 2D and 3D, Emily Forgot combines a training in art, graphics, and illustration with a deep love of all things interiors - revealing influences from both modernistic and post-modern styles. Emily’s interior pieces and indeed the new collection of rugs consistently demonstrate graphical leanings. Emily's approach to Construct, as suggested by the name, incorporates a much-loved block-style of design, with layering effects and an overall play on structure.

The finished pieces act as an assemblage and are designed to be joined together, forming one modular rug.

Amity in Blue, Emily Forgot x FLOOR-STORY
Amity in Blue, Emily Forgot x FLOOR-STORY

The collection has three designs in total and four available colour stories, across two qualities of rugs. Construct Amity, Construct Amedee and Construct Aldo represent three different rug shapes which can come in either tufted or hand knotted. The collection has colour options in multi which include five different colours or a single colourway.

The different pile heights and block colours, work together to create Emily Forgot’s signature, graphical shapes. The interchangeable forms introduce a new technical element to the overall FLOOR_STORY edit resulting in a completely unique and creative concept, not usually seen in rug design.

Ameldee in Yellow Multi, Emily Forgot x FLOOR-STORY
Ameldee in Yellow Multi, Emily Forgot x FLOOR-STORY

Head to our instagram page on the 12th April at 11AM for the Construct videolaunch. We talk to Emily about her design practice and inspirations along with the process of translating her artworks into modular rugs.

We're excited to launch the collection in full via our website and socials next week. For enquiries on this collection, please get in touch with [email protected]. For any press enquiries please contact [email protected].

FLOOR_STORY, Cairo Studios, 4 Nile Street, London N1 7RF