Portable Pom Boxes
Portable Pom Boxes
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Our trade pom boxes come with a selection of wool and viscose yarns in 150 shades, making it oh so convenient to colour both custom and bespoke rugs.

You can now order trade pom boxes which come with a selection of 150 wool and viscose poms in a varied assortment of colours. These poms come in a stylish yet convenient portable box, making it the perfect way of selecting colours for a custom or bespoke project on the go.

If you need more detailed guidance in the colour selection process, we offer colour consultation sessions where you can hand pick from our East London showroom with our design team. Outside the curated selection included in the trade pom box, We have a further total of 3000 wool colours and 1000 viscose poms to choose from.

The wool yarns used to create our rugs are hand dyed in batches that meet the quantity needed to create each individual rug. A huge amount of accuracy goes into this process in order to ensure that the colour pigments are a completely accurate and match our ARS colour system.

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