2LG Just Dropped a New Pill

2LG Just Dropped a New Pill

You heard us, get ready for a dose of joy

Pill in Mottled Multicolour celebrates our longstanding archive of collaborative rugs with the interior design duo 2LG Studio.

Each rug being crafted to add playfulness to varied interior schemes through form and palette.

2LG have enhanced the shaped, hand knotted rug by bringing in multiple layers of mottled colour combinations in blues, purples and pinks that compliment and contrast each other to maximise the beauty of the original design. This modern, hand made rug is an effortless way of bringing a striking and energetic piece to a space. The pill shape is key in modernising a space, breaking the conventions of rectangular rugs and creating a vocal point.

Pill in Mottled Multicolour

We’ve been chatting to 2LG about how they’ve evolved in their design practice and how they came to design Pill Mottled Multicolour to mark 10 years of rug collaborations for FLOOR_STORY.

In what ways would you say your style has evolved in the past 10 years?

We are definitely now in our emotional era - we began very instinctively but now there is a more deliberate intention to our work. We are allowing ourselves to be more emotional about design, whilst not taking it too seriously, so we remain still very playful - but now we are living the freedom that comes with experience and confidence.

How do you think the design represents your design aesthetic?

Everyone is currently obsessed with AI and thinking how this will affect the future, so we wanted to play with the past and manipulate the original design of Pill digitally, to see where the tech leads us. The final effect we got to is how we think the rug would look if you refracted the work through a prism. In terms of colour, we have a palette which has been refined to around 7 over the last few years. We feel we have come full circle in being joyful and playful.

In what type of space do you see the rug sitting?

We'd describe our interior aesthetic as joyful minimalism and design rugs with this in mind. The clean lines of the wiggle along with the overload of texture is enough to bring any interior to life.

Woven with hand dyed wool
Hand Knotted by skilled weavers
made with sustainability in mind