Adam Nathaniel Furman Boudoir Babylon

Adam Nathaniel Furman Boudoir Babylon

Boudoir Babylon is a sensual celebration – in full technicolour made out of delicious and almost edible forms – of people mixing in and meeting in space, coming as singles, leaving as pairs, coming as pairs, finding their throuple, plus everything beyond and in between.

This project transforms NGV’s Gallery Kitchen by drawing inspiration from three spatial typologies – the boudoir, the salon and the club. Historically these special typologies provided locations where the identities of women, queer people and those who are gender-diverse – or having certain political or religious beliefs – could be expressed, exist and thrive. This new space creates an area of comfort and delight for every individual, including those that may not feel comfortable or entirely safe in the public realm.

exuberance and pride

<p>exuberance and pride</p>

The space is transformed with ludicrously vibrant scenography that embodies an exuberance and pride. Here spatial dividers, including screens, baffles, catwalks, and oculi, play with appearances of how people gather and socialise. By combining the spatial strategies of the boudoir, the salon and the club, a new type emerges: the Boudoir Babylon.

Inspired by the themes of the installation, ANF and Sibling will create an accompanying range of products available at the NGV design store, drawing on the flamboyant scenography and décor of Boudoir Babylon and channelling the pop-fuelled spirit of the underground.