Gill Thorpe

Gill Thorpe

Through her exploration of natural and built environments, Gill Thorpe stylistically draws on contrasting lines and fluidity by staying true to the gritty nature of her visual references.

Gill explores themes of tactility and surface manipulation to form rug collections that elevates materiality and surface design into contemporary interior spaces.

Gill grew up in Ireland and moved to Dublin to Study Visual Communications which developed her eye for materiality and pattern. After progressing to study Textile and Surface Design at Dublin’s National College of Art and Design, Gill moved to East London. By taking particular notice of her surroundings she began documenting the industrial materials and irregular patterns seen on the city streets, using these to inform her rug designs.

When it comes to colour, Gill takes a methodical approach with influence spanning across photography, history and fashion, devising and developing palettes through her study of colour psychology.

Working as the designer for FLOOR_STORY, Gill’s portfolio spans across several collections; the ridge and trough inspired Rigg & Furrow, the subtle gradient Diffuse and the irregularly bordered Curb.

As well as her core collections, Gill works with clients on residential and trade projects, designing from briefs to create large scale artworks suited for various interior environments. Gill’s background in the field of rug-making has enabled her collections to really elevate traditional craft techniques through contemporary visual references.

Rigg & Furrow

Rigg & Furrow Reflective

A geometric rug design in a trio colourway of blue, maroon and pink, tied together with hand carving techniques to make a tremendously textural piece.

Rigg & Furrow Reflective