Henry Holland

Henry Holland

Henry Holland has designed a series of rugs that emulates the patterns seen in his ceramics by mixing traditional techniques with iconography from the 80s and 90s rave scene.

Henry Holland Studio produces contemporary ceramic homewares by using ancient craft techniques. These traditional processes are used to make graphic, contemporary pieces.

There’s a nod to the iconography you’d see on flyers and fashion garments in 80s/90s rave culture with the smiling, melting faces. This makes for a series of striking, feel good rugs. The irregular silhouettes make the rugs more than allude to ‘out of mind’ experiences.

These hand-made tufted and hand knotted rugs are a combination of craft techniques. Similar graphic shapes are seen in Henry’s ceramics, made using the traditional Japanese Nerikomii process. This involves molding slabs of a coloured clay and then cutting them horizontally to reveal a pattern.

The initial rug palette included greens, acid yellows and monochrome browns and creams. Since then it has rapidly developed into an ever-growing archive of colour compilations thanks to our custom options.

We launched the collection during London Design Festival, 2021.

Henry talks rugs and ceramics

Henry Holland talks to us through his ceramic process and how this informed our rug collaboration

Henry has a hand in nearly every piece that’s created from his Hackney based studio which as he says ‘creates a connection between the maker and the piece’. This collaboration has been more than about creating brilliant designs, but unites the tactility of the craftsmanship behind rug-making and ceramics.


What we love about Henry’s work is the way he recontextualises traditional craft techniques and combines them with modern references, something that we really champion here at FLOORS_STORY


Simon Goff, FLOOR_STORY founder

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