Henry Holland

Henry Holland

For the London Design festival 2021, East London rug company FLOOR_STORY has collaborated with Henry Holland, on a series of rugs integrating bold patterns and classic rave iconography, including smiley faces and psychedelic-style patterns.

The striking pieces more than allude to ‘out of mind’ experiences with irregular shaping and runners which seems to melt into the surroundings. More muted tones allow for integration into various interior settings; the more striking designs make for wonderfully unexpected statement rugs.

FLOOR_STORY has a reputation for collaborations with both emergent and more established talent, working internally to develop ideas into rugs, which then joins a wider collection of unique pieces. Henry Holland initially developed organic and almost wood-like designs, through a ‘Neiko mi’ technique for his recent ceramics collection for Henry Holland Studio. Working with the design team at FLOOR_STORY, a synergy was played upon, existing between these patterns and the aesthetic seen typically across fliers, clothes and creativity from the 80’s and 90’s rave eras. A study of specific colours possible through yarn, led to an unexpected collection which sits brilliantly amongst an existing body of work from the East London rug company who pride themselves on a more left-field approach to their business.