Oversized rugs for a 1930s Post Office designed by Albert Khan
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Oversized rugs for a 1930s Post Office designed by Albert Khan

Hand-made shaped rugs to bring a contemporary edge to a brutalist building.


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14 Weeks
Photography by Brian Ferry


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The interiors of this historic, brutalist building reflect the integrity of the original design through custom-made pieces including a series of hand knotted, oversized Henry Holland X FLOOR_STORY rugs.

For this project we created custom sizes in the Henry Holland X FLOOR_STORY range, stylistically notable for their ceramic inspired melting effect and boldly shaped outlines. Each rug was hand knotted in Nepal using Tibetan wool, with the entire process including the final finishes made by hand.

These oversized rugs provide a textural base, as well as zoning a gigantic space, making it feel welcoming and user friendly. A real achievement in coworking spaces, especially on this scale.

A common hurdle many of our trade clients face when creating a dynamic workspace is finding a happy medium between a nurturing, collaborative space as well as providing a feeling of tranquility within busy open spaces. Civilian, the building and interior design studio, totally nailed this brief with their renovation project for tech company, Newlab.

Melted in Red Photographed by Brian Ferry

Melted in Red Photographed by Brian Ferry


Civilian worked with architects Gensler to revamp the 1930s-built post office and mail-sorting facility originally designed by American industrial architect Albert Khan. The team at Civilian carefully planned the space around Newlab, who strive to bring innovation closer to users.

The outcome is a total celebration of the materials used in Khan’s designs featuring brutalist steel and concrete features. Craftsmanship and raw materials are echoed in the selection of furnishing pieces, with many being custom made by manufacturers, including our very own Melting in Red, Diagonal Melt and Pass The Plate hand knotted rugs.

By incorporating contemporary, graphic rugs from our collaboration with Henry Holland Studio, the commercial space feels elevated by the mixture of a crafted rug with a contemporary design, which aligns with the ethos of the work that will be carried out within the space.

Image of weavers trimming oversized Henry Holland shaped rugs in Nepal

Image of weavers trimming oversized Henry Holland shaped rugs in Nepal


We offer custom services on all of our hand-made designer rugs, meaning that your space can benefit from a unique and personalised touch. Our oversized rugs are perfect for large spaces, creating the illusion of a more intimate and inviting atmosphere within a vast area. Our international shipping options also make it easy to bring our designer rugs to most locations around the world.

Additionally, we understand that every space is different and may require unique sizes or shapes to fit perfectly. That's why we offer custom sizing on all of our rugs, giving you the flexibility to create a cohesive design in any room. Whether you need an oversized rug to anchor a large coworking space or a small accent rug for a cozy meeting room, we have you covered.

At FLOOR_STORY, we are committed to delivering high-quality designer rugs that not only enhance a space, but are high quality, original in design and Label STEP certified.

Diagonal Melt

A shaped rug that melts into your space, this rug provides a modern twist on traditional hand knotted rugs.

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Diagonal Melt

Melting Runner

Its shape and durability makes for the perfect addition for narrow areas like hallways and kitchens, adding comfort in areas that need a bit of a lift.

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Melting Runner

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