Diane Bresson

Diane Bresson

Diane’s collection is inspired by her practice as a printmaker. She usually screenprints on paper and layers lines, dots, hand-cut stencils and colours to create visual effects. For her collection for FLOOR_STORY she designed three rugs in three different constructions to explore the similarities and differences between the printing process and weaving process.

Halftones takes its name from the dots used in screen-printing to create colour variations. As grey cannot be used to transpose an image onto a screen it is achieved through dots of various sizes. It is hanknotted in 100 knots in wool and viscose, and dots have been hand carved meticulously one by one.

Stripes comes from a wallpaper design that has been translated into a tufted rug with vibrant colours in New Zealand Wool.

Shift is a flatweave made of New Zealand Wool taking inspiration from hand cut stencils.