Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Shooting rugs takes an awful lot of work and a whole team of people including stylists, photographers and FLOOR_STORY crew. We've recently undertaken a photoshoot for some of our most recent collaborations and in-house designs and thought you might like to see what it takes to bring the magic.

Designing beautiful rugs is our passion, but we also know that making them look great is what keeps us in the spotlight. So when it came to our latest collaborations and in-house creations, we turned to the amazing Hannah Franklin, interior stylist extraordinaire, and the sublime camera skills of Simon Bevan to bring it all together.

Not one to be missing out, our founder Simon made sure he was on hand to make those all important tweaks, like moving glass balls, and the whole team worked brilliantly to contextualise our designs through highly-stylised contemporary interiors. Shooting both on location and in our beautiful Shoreditch showroom, we're really chuffed with the results and can't wait to show them to you as soon as they've been edited to perfection. Stay tuned.

As we said, this was a real team effort, so huge thanks too:

Hannah Franklin, interior stylist, follow on IG
Simon Bevan, photographer, follow on IG
Emma Guscott, photographer's assistant, follow on IG
Jessica Jung, creative assistance and incredible painting skills, follow on IG
Gill Thorpe, FLOOR_STORY head designer and pretty handy with a paintbrush