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An exquisite collection of modern Peruvian rugs

Huari rugs have so much charisma and personality, adding so much character to any room. You'll love the diverse collection of traditional Peruvian colourful rugs that are made with the finest quality wool. Our hand-knotted rugs all add character and life to any space. These unique rugs are crafted in India, inspired by rich textile and art history in Peru. Let each cool rug act as a statement piece that brings out sophistication through rich colours, bold patterns, and fine textures.

Huari - Brass Caviar
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A curated selection of rugs outside of our designer range to fit the needs of any space, style or budget.
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Hand Knotted

Labour intensive and painstaking, hand-knotting is the most traditional way of making and creates rugs of exceptional quality and longevity. Perfect for fine work and intricate patterns, a hand-knotted rug really is the don. Our hand-knotted styles range in density from 60-knots per inch right up to 150-knots for incredibly fine, velvet-like softness.

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