Kitty Joseph Bespoke / Optick in Black 1A01 and White 4N01

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Kitty Joseph _Bespoke / Optick in Black 1A01 and White 4N01

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Made in:
50% wool, 50% viscose
Available to Order:
12+ weeks
Rug _Story

Shifting colour to fit your mood

Inspired by the accordion pleats that are a thread through the clothing of fashion designer Kitty Joseph, Optick is an exploration of the expressive beauty of a bicolour palette and simultaneous contrast. Combined with subtle geometry and surface carving, Optick appears to shift in design and colour as you move around it. Simply by rotating the rugs in your space, you can shift the colour to fit your mood. What a wonderful way to let people know how your feeling!

Shifting colour to fit your mood
Kitty Joseph
Rug _Designer

Kitty Joseph

Kitty Joseph is a London-based contemporary women’s wear designer, who also consults for international fashion brands on colour and print design. Worn by Lady Gaga, stocked at Colette and with special projects for Absolut UK, MAC Cosmetics, Nokia and Adidas; there is no doubt Kitty is an influential figure in fashion, print and textiles. Kitty has produced four designs for FLOOR_STORY, echoing some of her most recognised fashion pieces.
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Rug _Construction


Crafted by punching strands of yarn onto a stretched canvas frame, hand-tufting brings a deep and luxurious texture. The feel of a hand-tufted rug is hard to beat and the technique is ideal for a myriad of shapes, painterly lines and bright, contrasting colours.

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