The latest edition of Cover magazine features a fabulous article on the making of our Designer Collection rugs.

Cover magazine is pretty much the carpet industry's Vogue so you can imagine our delight when reporter Oliver Marshall joined us on one of our trips to Northern India, which we use to make sure that the Designer Collection's exquisite quality is maintained. Way back in November we took Oliver to Varanasi, beside the Ganges and one of the oldest continually inhabited places on earth, to witness the production of our limited edition rugs by designers such as Kangan Arora, who coincidentally also joined us for the trip. Oliver discovered just how labour intensive the production of our hand-knotted rugs can be; yarn dyeing, tufting, combing, carving, drying and backing are all carried out by the hands of some of the world's finest makers for a rug of the highest quality. Anyway, you can download the latest Cover issue here.