Designer Collections

Designer Collections

Our obsession has become reality in a collection of rugs, each with a unique story. Created by discovered designers, inspired by culture and creativity, woven by hand and strictly limited in number; we are exceptionally proud of these beautiful rugs.

Since founding FLOOR_STORY, Simon Goff has held a burning ambition to create something completely unique, something individual and something distinctly FLOOR_STORY. His passion has been realised in a beautiful series of rugs, the Designer Collection.

Simon began by seeking designers that would bring a unique perspective to the collection, a fresh set of ideals never before realised in hand-knotted rugs. Inspired by the culture that envelopes and the art that speaks to them, these designers created works that deserved the very best in quality to be truly realised.

Sourcing the very finest wool yarn and collaborating with makers of the highest repute, FLOOR_STORY produces each rug to order, using the amazing abilities of Indian weavers to recreate each design with faithful clarity. Hand-knotted in intricate detail, with up to 400 knots for every inch, each rug can take anywhere from three to seven months to create.

Every step of the process is charted within a digital provenance, illustrating the effort, skill and quality in every one of the limited run rugs. With only 20 of each design ever being produced, the FLOOR_STORY Designer Collection gives a unique opportunity to invest in a piece of flooring history.