Designer Sessions: Catherine MacGruer

Designer Sessions: Catherine MacGruer

A graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, Catherine MacGruer specialises in knitted textile design and opened her own studio in the Highlands back in 2015. Her work is characterised by geometric shapes, considered compositions and unique colourways. For her capsule with FLOOR_STORY, Catherine has created four designs inspired by Berlin.

Awarded the New Britain Design Award in 2015 and with work that has been displayed at the National Gallery of Scotland, Catherine is a true talent. With product listed in the Heal's 100 list of iconic designs, there's no doubt that Catherine's work is here to stay. Launching four designs for FLOOR_STORY, Catherine took time out of her schedule to sit down with us for the Designer Sessions.

How would you describe your style and what has influenced your design?

My style is geometric, graphic and bold, and I like to experiment with composition, balance and colour blocking. These fundamental elements are consistent in projects I work on, however the influences change. Inspiration for me comes from many places: architecture, museums, art movements, a feeling or a concept. I love taking time to be inspired, whether in a different city or country, I feel my eyes are really open during this time.

Can you tell us a little more about your designs for FLOOR_STORY and exactly what inspired them?

Catherine MacGruer x FLOOR_STORY presents four rug designs, each available in two colourways.The rugs are made using the highest quality wool and silk, incorporating carved areas to create depth and texture in each design whilst using carefully considered colour, composition and balance.These abstract and contemporary rugs are part of my new interiors collection.

During the design process I took time to explore Berlin and was drawn to the incredible colours and patterns of the underground stations there, the angular architecture and of course the Bauhaus Archive. I recorded my discoveries through collage and photography and went back to my studio to piece it all together.

What attracted you to working with FLOOR_STORY and more importantly, the process of rug making?

The emphasis of my past collections have been on blankets and cushions, sometimes the overall impact of the designs can be lost when draped or folded. I wanted to transfer the same design process to a larger scale, creating full visual impact and a statement piece where the design can be appreciated in its entirety.

FLOOR_STORY's meticulous attention to detail and expertise in the process has been a defining experience for me as a designer. Simon and Adriana understood my direction and creative concept. We worked together seamlessly to translate my collages into textured reality. Creating the colour combinations was a particularly exciting stage.

Can you describe your new rugs?

The rugs are textured statement pieces. The new collection is graphic and bold in composition, utilising colours that are considered and tonal.

How do the rugs make you feel?

I feel proud of the final collection and how much I have learnt in the process. As a textile designer, developing my work to include rugs had long been an aspiration. I am so excited to see them in place.