Designer Sessions: Etoile Home

Designer Sessions: Etoile Home

Ex fashion and interior stylist, Shani Beadle, is the creative director behind Etoile Home, a brand with a strong belief that homes should be a reflection of personality and with it; a beautiful, colourful and creative place. We spoke to Shani about the inspiration behind her Glassworks design for FLOOR_STORY.

Etoile Home's modern and fresh take on retro prints, full of bold statement colour, has seen it collaborate with brands such as Anthropologie and Uniqlo. Founded in 2006 by Shani Beadle, Etoile Home's signature style can be found in everything from wash bags to cushions, table linen, fabrics, handbags and now rugs; thanks to her Glassworks design for FLOOR_STORY. We spent time with Shani to find out just how the design came about.

How would you describe your style and what has influenced your design?

Etoile Home is about colour and big pattern. We just love exciting combinations and historically we've turned to influences as diverse as Native American tribes, the Garden of Eden and even tropical holidays.

Can you tell us a little more about your design for FLOOR_STORY and exactly what inspired it?

Our Glassworks rug is based on one of the original patterns from our Master Craftsman collection that celebrates the Industrial Revolution and the fusion between industry and craft that it catalysed. I imagine it as the result you might get if you rubbed paper over a leaded glass vase.

What attracted you to working with FLOOR_STORY and more importantly, the process of rug making?

I just love that FLOOR_STORY celebrates pattern and colour just like us, not to mention Simon's infectious enthusiasm, and the quality of rugs produced is just outstanding. There is something fascinating about the whole process - seeing how a design conceived for print onto fabrics translates into being woven in wool - and I'm really delighted with the end result, it's worked exceptionally well.

Can you describe your new rugs?

I love the strong graphic nature of these flatweave rugs and the colours that the makers were able to produce, Glassworks is certainly ready to make a statement in any home.

How do the rugs make you feel?

I do love when a great rug is laid in a room. A good rug can so easily create a huge amount of drama, either by adding another layer to an already eclectic space, or by adding pattern to an otherwise simply decorated space.