Miguel Chevalier continues to take the design world by storm with another live installation of his Digital Arabesques work

Switching theme slightly from our previous post on his work, Miguel Chevalier has taken his Digital Arabesques live installation to Morocco,revisiting the Moroccan artistic tradition via the medium of digital art as it spreads out across the floor like a huge light carpet. The result is a digital carpet that comes to life as its walked upon. Pretty clever stuff!

Driven by mathematical logic,the piece features evolving multicoloured digital scenes composed of ornamental patterns in reference to the art of zelliges, arabesques and mosaics, as well as the world of "Mashrabiya' (latticework). The installation was commissioned by the French Institute of Fes, Morocco and took place in Dar Batha, Medina Quarter. There's only oneMoroccan city left on the tour, so you'll need to be quick to catch it! That said, you can always watch this videoandthere's more details on the installation too.