Domotex Delight

Domotex Delight

Domotex is Europe's largest flooring show and, as always, our annual fact finding and trend spotting mission threw up some fab new creations. There's so much to see it can be a bit mind-blowing, but here's our star of the show.

Every year we catch a flight over to Europe's largest flooring exhibition, Domotex, to see what the year ahead holds for rugs, carpets and every sort of flooring you could ever imagine. As always, this visit produced some fantastic highlights.

We simply loved Heart No. 01 ECO Project from Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns, seen here in Cover magazine's 10 Best at Domotex review. But by far the stand out rug of the show, was this absolutely incredible skull creation, by Knots Rugs as part of its 17th Century Modern collection. As soon as we saw it we fell in love with its Day of the Dead style approach and traditional design influences that give it a wonderfully soft edge, helped in no small part by the rug's worn look.

Pic courtesy of Cover magazine