It's all black and white

It's all black and white

The Riga, Latvia offices of Vivax Communication Group have been given a luxury makeover that's pretty stunning, probably because the floor has been used as a theatrical canvas to set the tone right throughout the interior.

The entrance lobby of Vivax's office is pretty incredible, a swirling black and white stripe focusing in on a mirrored circular reception desk creating a real wow factor. Of course, the select high-design furniture pieces and stark black walls add to the mood, but it's certainly the floor that sets it in the first place. This is high-impact interior design setting a very clear message of intent.

The Cool Hunter Vivax Offices

Visually, things settle down a little elsewhere but luxury is clearly still high on the agenda. A deep and luxurious velvet pile carpet perfectly reflecting the ceiling above it for a complete look. Luxury like this doesn't come cheap though, with the interior of the 6,000 square foot space rumoured to have cost around €500,000 and featuring workspaces from USM Haller, lighting by Tobias Grau and Ralph Lauren, along with furniture by Armani Casa, Herman Miller and Poltrona Frau. We wonder who did the flooring?

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