Kids in a Sweet Shop: Top 5 Domotex Spots

Kids in a Sweet Shop: Top 5 Domotex Spots

Everytime Domotex rolls around we get pretty excited. The world's largest flooring fair may sound a little on the dull side, but this is a rug geek's heaven. We've compiled our top five spots at this year's show.

Taking place in a wintry Hanover in the middle gf January, Domotex is a firm fixture in the FLOOR_STORY calendar. It brings together rug makers from right across the world, giving a rare opportunity and one that we look forward to every year. Round every corner there is delight and intrigue and we have to walk around with a firm grip on our purchase book; otherwise we'd need a cargo plane rather than BA's hand baggage allowance on the return home.

This year was no different and we've already got some of our buys winging their way to our Shoreditch showroom, in the meantime we've put together our top five rug spots from this year's fair. Stay tuned for our Domotex arrivals, as you can see from below, they really are rather special.

5. Agalma

This 100-knot beauty's abstract design left us aghast, proving there's true artistry in rug craft. This one's being made as we speak and will soon be in stock.

4. Bokeh

A visual quality that can best be described as the moonlight glistening on still water in macro close-up, we've never seen anything quite as evocative as this 100-knot creation. Production is underway and Bokeh should be in store soon.

3. Manzara

We loved this striking 100% wool flatweave collection so much that we've already got it up on the site. Check out the designs here.

2. Rug Star's new Tufted collection

We simply love Jurgen's work, he truly is the doyen of the rug world. His latest collection certainly didn't disappoint, particularly the stunning denim creation here. BIG news, these will be in the store soon.

1. Watercolour by Knots Rugs

On its 10th anniversary, Knots Rugs really has pulled it out of the bag with the gorgeous Watercolours. One of the most intricate designs ever from Elisa Kretzschmar, designer for the brand, the rug was nearly two years in the making. Featuring Chinese silk and Tibetan wool, Watercolours features 87 colours giving a gorgeous painterly effect, its abstract design echoing the pooling quality of freely applied watercolour paint upon canvas.

Its been quite a task getting to our top five spots at Domotex and there's plenty more that really should have been on the list. We've been strict with ourselves, but may well relent and bring you some more of our highlights in our next post.