Kips Bay Boys Club Showhouse

Kips Bay Boys Club Showhouse

Every spring, a townhouse in New York's Upper East Side, is renovated by a collective of America's brightest designers as a show house to raise funds for the Kips Bay Boy & Girls Club, a century-old charity working to provide educational and developmental opportunities for disadvantaged children.

For the last 46 years, the house has acted as nexus of design trends and this year 22 designers have created rooms in a kaleidoscope of styles to jaw-dropping effect. Reported on Architectural Digest, the seven-storey townhouse sees the inspiration of the Austrian movement in the basement designed by Juan Montoya, a landing, wet bar and pantry echoing jewellery boxes from Wesley Moon and dining room for art lovers by Barbara Ostrom.

While each room in the Kips Bay show house is undeniably stylish, there's one area of the home that stands out above all else, for us at least; the Sasha Bikoff designed staircase. A wonderful celebration of Memphis style - a passion shared by our very own Camille Walala - the staircase is a truly extraordinary merging of colours and pattern on walls, ceiling and floors. The rugs were specially commissioned for the project and crafted by the Rug Company. With a real sense of fun and a bright spirit, there's no doubt Sasha achieved her ambition to make a space that was 'fun and inspiring for the kids of Kips Bay'.

Image by Nickolas Sargent