Never mind the mortgage what about a rug

Never mind the mortgage what about a rug

US interior blogging star, Life's Too Short for Beige, gives us some very compelling reasons as to why you should spend your mortgage money on an investment rug, though your bank might not quite agree.

Over on the Life's Too Short For Beige blog, there are four very good reasons why blowing your mortgage money on a rug makes absolutely perfect sense and we quite agree!

While you can pick up a rug for peanuts these days, there's something particularly rewarding when you spend your hard earned on a investment piece like our Lover rug by Rob Pybus. The old motto, 'buy cheap, buy twice' is also perfectly true, buying a cheap rug will mean that in a year or so, you'll need to buy another then another and so on. Cheap rugs may look great on a computer screen but they'll look cheap in your home. Even if you can't quite stretch to your whole mortgage payment, we make sure that even our best value FLOOR_STORY rugs, such as the hand-tufted 100% wool Artisan, are quality items. No poorly made polywhatsit rubbish here thank you very much!

A beautifully made rug just looks the part and really does have that quality feel. Quality rugs can truly lift your room, you spend a huge amount of time and a fair chunk of money on sofa and furniture, so why should what you put on your floor be any different? You never know, you might find that your room doesn't even need a makeover once you've got the right rug.

Mass producers hardly worry about artisanal craft either but here we champion it. Most of our rugs are hand-tufted by some of the world's most skilled weavers, most of whom reside in India, the true home of quality rug making. Wools and other fibres, like the recycled Sari silk found in our Batuga collaboration with A Rum Fellow, are carefully source for their quality too which means your rug not only looks more beautiful but is sure to last longer too.

But just don't take our word that investing is really very worth it, have a read of Life's Too Short For Beige's blog post here and make your own argument when you speak to your bank manager!