Now this is serious floor art

Now this is serious floor art

Summer is on its way and soon we'll be packing our flip-flops and lotion, before spending hours queuing in security. No doubt we'll be stuck behind people stuffing toiletries into clear zip-loc bags and struggling to extract laptops out of oversized carry-ons. If that sounds oh so inevitable and you're off to the Med, then you might want to check out these stunning mosaics.

Discovered in the ancient Greek City, Zeugma, these mosaics date back to 2nd Century BC and despite their 2,200 year old history they are incredibly well preserved. Even better, they are still being discovered, though the dig began over 15 years ago.

Incredibly beautiful, these mosaics go to show that we're certainly not the first. People have been telling their very own floor stories for centuries!

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