While the beer and atmosphere leaves something to be desired, there is no doubting that JD Wetherspoon public houses across the land certainly do embrace the colourful world of carpet design.

While we stand by our statement on rubbish beer, but there is no doubting that when it comes to carpet Wetherspoon pubs right across the country really know their onions. From contemporary geometrics to oversized florals, damasks, oriental patterns and more, the sheer variety is just incredible.

It's also worth noting that these aren't 'off the shelf' items and are probably one of the biggest interior fitting investments Wetherspoon makes. Each of these carpets are bespoke woven wool and are designed to fit perfectly with the location at hand. Oh yeah, there are also designed to hide a lot of spilt beer too!

Whatever your opinion of the carpets and the establishments in general, the Wetherspoons Carpets blog on Tumblr is certainly worth checking out. You can even submit your local cheap as chips boozer.