We love Lala Abaddon's hand woven constructions that reveal all in closer inspection

From a distance Lala Abandon's work looks like some clever digital jiggery pokery, a 'patterned' layer a top a strongly hued image to create a mesmerising and tantalising glimpse of what lies beneath. But it isn't until you get up close that you see there's no photoshopping going on here, just a very clever way to create wonderfully complex images. In a process that can take months, Lala captures analog images, pairing them up before a painstaking hand cutting and weaving process that brings a beautiful end result. There is no doubt this NYC artist (resident at the Aretha Project) is one talented lady and we look forward to seeing how she progresses. Check out Lala's website here

We first spotted Lala's work on Design Milk.