Wasted Geo Multi

Wasted Geo Multi

'Wasted' Rugs

FLOOR_STORY Wasted Geo Multi

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FLOOR_STORY _ Wasted Geo Multi

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Made in:
Surplus Wool
Available to Order:
1-2 weeks
Rug _Story

'Wasted' Rugs

Putting the waste back into our ‘Wasted’ rug range . All rugs are crafted with the off-cut wool from other rugs. These unique rugs are designed by our talented weavers, where they curate the colours of the yarns into a beautiful bespoke design.

Due to the nature of each rug being one-off, once the particular rug is sold we are unable to make an identical one, this is the beauty of investing in one of these pieces. If you have any specific requirements such as sizing, please get in touch.

Wasted Geo Multi
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Discovering the unusual and unique is something we love at FLOOR_STORY and at times we’ve even been commissioned by customers to travel the globe to find a rug that fits their home to perfection, a 'no compromise' approach to rug shopping if ever there was one.
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Hand Knotted

Labour intensive and painstaking, hand-knotting is the most traditional way of making and creates rugs of exceptional quality and longevity. Perfect for fine work and intricate patterns, a hand-knotted rug really is the don. Our hand-knotted styles range in density from 60-knots per inch right up to 150-knots for incredibly fine, velvet-like softness.

Hand Knotted Rugs
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