FLOOR_STORY Selects Dome in Rosy Earth

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FLOOR_STORY Selects _ Dome in Rosy Earth

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Made in:
100% Wool
Available to Order:
2-4 weeks
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Introduce a touch of refined charm to your space with our rosy wool rug

A piece that reinvents a classic design with a fresh approach. This delightful rug features 176 rose pink gentle arches of colour that rise delicately above the rest of the surface, creating a subtle three-dimensional effect that invites touch and compliments the eye.

Each rounded crest of colour is meticulously crafted to not only add visual interest but also provide a varying texture underfoot, resulting in a truly unique sensorial experience. The lush rose hue woven throughout this pink rug lends a warm and cozy aesthetic, perfect for adding a dash of romance and sophistication to any room.

Not only does the Rosy Patterned Rug boast a visually stunning design, it's also a haven of comfort. Whether adorning a bedroom, gracing a living area, or adding elegance to an entryway, this rug promises an incomparable blend of style and comfort.

Dome in Rosy Earth
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Crafted by punching strands of yarn onto a stretched canvas frame, hand-tufting brings a deep and luxurious texture. The feel of a hand-tufted rug is hard to beat and the technique is ideal for a myriad of shapes, painterly lines and bright, contrasting colours.

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