Celebrating the dual spiritual meaning of the snake in Indian and Christian symbology

Josephine Ford Snake

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How it works

Josephine Ford _Snake

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  1. Please note that samples are to scale, meaning the sample will show a small section of the rug design.
  2. We require a deposit in order to send the sample out to you, this is refunded when we receive the sample back within the showroom.
  3. The sample cost varies depending on construction, £50 for Jacquard, £75 for flatweave, £100 for tufted and £150 for hand knotted.
  4. We will always send the largest sample size that is available.
  5. We charge £10 UK shipping and £30 International shipping.
  6. Shipping charges will be offset against any order placed.
  7. A FREE returns label will be provided so you can easily send the sample back to us.

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Josephine Ford _ Snake

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Made in:
NZ Wool and Chinese Silk
Available to Order:
12+ weeks
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Celebrating the dual spiritual meaning of the snake in Indian and Christian symbology

We have been wanting to work with Josie for a long time now as she has such a unique style. Josie was given total freedom with these designs and we love them

This is what Josie has to say about them:

'It’s so hard to describe one’s work. I see Moth as an Art Deco double vision meets Chinese rug. Snake, I can only recount as an Aztec Gemini snake. I think it is the meaning behind that is more important than how the designs can be explained, they have a story to tell and it’s up to you how you read it. I wanted rugs that didn’t intrude, but rather that lifted and supported the room.'

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Josephine Ford

Fine artist and illustrator Josephine Ford, has a style that spans many disciplines and mediums and which has appeared on album covers, shop signage, book covers and much more. Josephine has created two works for her first collection for FLOOR_STORY, drawing inspiration from rugs used to tell a story.
Josephine Ford Rugs
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Crafted by punching strands of yarn onto a stretched canvas frame, hand-tufting brings a deep and luxurious texture. The feel of a hand-tufted rug is hard to beat and the technique is ideal for a myriad of shapes, painterly lines and bright, contrasting colours.

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