Our Coronavirus Tale

Our Coronavirus Tale

Our stop motion movie on our delivery story during the pandemic has been a real family effort. Inspired by a video that popped up on our feed, we’ve found a way to tell our delivery story during the pandemic, as well as tick the box on a home-schooling project for our youngest member of the FLOOR_STORY family.

Our Coronavirus Tale

Bibi, aged 11, is Simon’s daughter and the two paired up to create this wonderful stop motion animation using Lego. With Bibi in firm creative control and Simon playing the role of assistant, the duo spent six hours crafting the video, learning a whole new technique on the way.

Using the Stop Motion app, Bibi and Simon went through the whole creative process of making a movie; from story boarding through to set design and build, filming and post-production, it’s been a process that has allowed the father and daughter team to spend some quality time together while keeping up with school work and producing some great content for FLOOR_STORY.

Using Lego proved a great to learn on the fly, with the pair even constructing their camera mount from the surprisingly versatile blocks, after a few wobbly attempts involving delicately balanced mobile phones and stacks of books. Bibi also has a few tips for anyone wanting to have a go for themselves:

“You need to be patient, then patient again and patient a little more. Make sure you get your backdrop sorted properly. If you don’t have a tripod for your mum or dad’s phone then just make one out of Lego like I did. It worked really well. Also try to get a lamp or something to light up your set, it can add some drama. Oh yeah, move lots of things so there’s always something going on in every scene. It’s a really fun thing to do!”

The end result of the duo’s efforts seems to have gone down really well, Bibi is certainly one talented little lady.