True one-offs are hard to find these days, but here at FLOOR_STORY we've dived right in to bring you our stunning One of Kind series, exquisite creations from some of the world's most skilled artisan rug weavers.

We are in love. These incredible rugs are made by our artisans, true masters of their rug making craft, given the freedom to express themselves and to explore concepts as diverse as Blossom (pictured) to Brush Stroke, Rope, Shard, Wood and Mirage. The results are outstanding, devoid of conventional thinking and with truly exquisite results that are simply mind-blowing in their intricacy, thought and execution. These rugs really are a class act and areready to rock and roll, shipped directly from the makers in India.Of course made by handfrom pure wool and with yarns added for textural and aesthetic nuance, each is anexpressive, indescribably beautiful and completely unique work of art. See the collection here for yourself, but give yourself plenty of time as its well worth a long look.