A Rum Fellow is a London design studio dedicated to artisan textiles and creating statement pieces for interiors. Founded by Caroline Lindsell and Dylan O’Shea the studio explores heritage craft techniques and reinterprets them in their house style of intricate pattern and vibrant colour.

Taking reference from the rich patterns and colours of Mayan culture, of which weaving and textiles is an intrinsic part, the three-strong collection focuses on a different element of the ornate and unique handwoven tunics made and worn by the women of Mayan tribes. Focusing in on a tiny square of a pattern and revealing it in a large-scale design, each rug brings a fresh new perspective to Mayan brocade textiles, reinterpreting traditional designs with a contemporary analysis of colour, texture and detail.

We've really explored different techniques with these rugs, using our skilled artisans to create three entirely different outlooks on the same theme. With the tufted Kaya, the sari silk of Batagua and the flatweave and high pile of Coban, this is one of our most exciting collaborative projects yet and the results are truly extraordinary.