Darkroom is an independent online shop and design label owned by Lulu Roper-Caldbeck and Rhonda Drakeford. Our goal is to provide a stimulating antidote to the generic and bland, whilst also recognising the basic human desire for beauty and comfort. We believe that good design should be accessible to all and can come from the most unlikely corners of the world.

We’re drawn to graphic contrasts, the geometry found in tribal patterns, and the structural simplicity of modern and postmodern design. Our ranges are an eclectic mix of handmade accessories for men, women and the home. We champion emerging and undiscovered designers and artisans in order to bring together our large range of exclusive items, special commissions and our own Darkroom Collections. Through unique collaborations and our own output, we aim to present a unified aesthetic across a continuum that celebrates craftsmanship, colour and texture, with a genuine respect for creators and an engagement with design traditions.

Darkroom is not like other design shops. Since 2009 our signature black-walled space has been the backdrop for distinct yet complimentary pieces to come together.