Eve Spencer

Eve Spencer

eve spencer is regarded as one of the best pattern designers around today, with stunning creations from the quintessential to the avant-garde. At FLOOR_STORY we love eve’s ability to create designs from the natural world and so approached her to create a collection of beautiful and distinct rugs.

"When Floor_Story approached us to collaborate on a new range of products, we wanted to snap our fingers and see the results immediately, so excited were we by the potential.

But such is the nature of anything truly worth having, we had to wait patiently for it to be created - to step back and let the craftsmen weave their magic. And we are completely delighted with the results. Core to our philosophy at eve spencer is the notion of ‘distinction’, the idea that our design and our product will always be of the highest quality, with concepts that challenge the soul. With Simon's expertise we have been able to ensure this Flight series lives and breathes our philosophy.

It has been a collaboration of kindred spirits. We’re very proud to share a heritage in the art districts of East London, and whole-heartedly subscribe to Floor_Story’s belief that the spaces around us provide a constant narrative. They both tell a story to us individually, and about us individually.

Steinbeck once suggested that personality“seeps into walls and is slowly released”. I love this notion. It’s sometimes a challenge to step back from your own home and acknowledge just how unique a self-expression it is.

We spend so much time in our homes – we eat, relax, play, and increasingly work in them. Our interiors come to reflect our personalities more than any other space we use. And in turn, our physical surroundings affect our psychology. We are all artists. Design is a visual and atmospheric extension of our unique culture, belief, passion and personality.

As creative director at eve spencer, I use distinction as a key ethos in my own work, as a reminder to express creative confidence. Truly great design doesn’t impose an aesthetic. It gives its owner, and their audience, another piece to their own story. It is in essence, a way for their homes and their personalities to meet.I hope our rugs inspire each of their owners."

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