Mad Men

Mad Men

A statement range featuring designs inspired by the Mad Men of Manhattan, the golden boys of the 60s responsible for some of America’s most recognisable brand images, this latest collection from Louis de Poortere brings three beautiful new designs, now available on the store.

This great new range from Louis de Poortere, is a typicalmove from the Belgianmanufacturer that's unafraid to explore the left field, the collection is woven onto Jacquard Wilton looms in a combination of high gloss polyester and cotton chenille.

The collection brings a vibrant mixture of straight and broken lines, dull and shiny yarns, and smooth and rugged pencil strokes, all geared towards creating designs that evoke the passion, power and struggle of American city living and working in the 50s and 60s.Skyscraper plays on the straight lines of the late 50s and early 60s, the cool colours of day offset by the rich shades of night, captured in the shine of urban office windows. Contrastingly, Jacob’s ladder takes a deeper turn, displaying the uneasy yet exhilarating climb up the social ladder, a tricky task despite the presence of glittering rungs and the chase for more.The time's feeling of disorder and rift is taken to new levels with the energetic 60s-style action painting as displayed through Griff.

This great new designs can be found on the brand new Just Added page and with prices from £349, they'd make a great addition to kick January off with a fresh new look.