Sagarika Sundaram launches at designjunction

Sagarika Sundaram launches at designjunction

Sagarika Sundaram is capturing the beauty of the hand drawn in two striking new additions to the Designer Collection, with the first finished examples making their way straight to designjunction.

Sagarika Sundaram strives to capture the beauty of hand drawing with her rich, energetic rugs for FLOOR_STORY.Having met Sagarika through a mutual friend, Simon was astounded by the unfettered expression brought alive within page after page of her sketchbooks, markedly different from what he was used to. He immediately asked her to create two rugs for the Designer Collection series.Sagarika's work draws from hot summer afternoons she spent as a child in India and Dubai, absorbed in minutiae found in textiles and other objects at home

“I lead with colour. I’m always looking for unique colour combinations that work, sometimes taking ideas from my mother's stunning traditional sari collection and mixing them with ones I find in my father's trove of National Geographic magazines.The idea of beauty as a practical utility in people's lives drives my work. I find it fascinating that someone can actually walk upon, live with and take joy in something that I conceived on a flat piece of paper.I would like people to feel a sense of home with my rugs, get carried away in the forms and textures, and cherish them as memories attached to moments in their lives, just as I did growing up.”

Hand-tufted from 100% wool by some of the world’s most skilled rug-making artisans, We’ll be bringing both of Sagarika’s intriguing designs to designjunction even before they’ve hit the website.designjunction runs from Thursday 24 - Sunday 27 September and you’ll find FLOOR_STORY as part of the shopping space at Victoria House, WC1. Visit the website here to find out the finer details of opening times and just how to get there.