Signe Emdal

Signe Emdal

EMDAL creates work inspired by trees, water, the achievement of serenity and antique objects. Using digital jacquard loom techniques to create textiles with an artistic quality, as if yarns were paint, Emdal has translated its unique style into a beautiful hand-knotted rug for FLOOR_STORY.

Founded in 2007 by Danish textile artist, Signe Emdal, EMDAL creates contemporary tapestries, textiles and accessories inspired by the beautiful Danish coastline, using digital weaving techniques to create stunning works with feel of something ancient.

Treating yarn as if it were paint, Signe’s creations are incredibly beautiful and demonstrate the power of an artisan at the top of her craft. Using colour and pattern in unique ways to express inspiration ranging from the nature of summer to inner-self and historic figures, Signe’s work is acclaimed and desired by many, and has been exhibited in the National Gallery of Denmark and the Gallery Direktorenhaus in Berlin.

Signe’s famed huggable scarfs and warming blankets have now been joined by a beautiful rug for FLOOR_STORY. In a departure from her usual machine-woven approach, the rug is hand-knotted by our Nepalese artisans in a blend of semi-worsted New Zealand wool and pure Chinese silk.