Our latest Designer Collection is now in the final throws of making so we thought we'd tempt you with this sneak peek of the fab new rugs created by eve spencer.

We've been working with the delightful and hugely talented eve spencer on a new series of beautiful designs as part of our Designer Collectionof hand-knotted limited edition rugs. Some of the finest weavers in the world are busy putting the final touches to the first rugs and we'll soon be revealing them in all their glorious detail on the site, but first we wanted to bring you a sneak peek at the collection.

eve has based her three designs around the wonder of natural flight. Whether the ephemeral magnificence of the Damselfly, the scissor tailed flycatcher Oilbird or the tarantula hunting spider wasp T-hawk, this is a collection that celebrates the wondrous variety and purposes of the airborne natural world.We can't wait to bring these designs to you for real, but in the meantime check out this spy shots from their production.