trifle* is a leading commercial interior design agency, specialising in bespoke workspaces for companies and brands. They have a long track-record in delivering stylish interiors that go beyond function; taking in the brand, people and culture of the company. We’ve worked with the agency on numerous commercial projects and approached them to work as colour consultant on our extraordinary COLOUR_STORIES range.

Founder and director of trifle*, Emma Morley, spearheads a team of designers, workplace strategists, consultants, project managers and architects to deliver companies a holistic approach to the design of their workplace. Always looking for ways to inject colour as a way to make work life better, Emma has looked to the skies & surroundings of the agency’s East London setting to create beautiful colour graduations. Emma and her team loved the idea that a feature rug inspired by nature could bring the outdoors in, working as a dramatic addition to a core scheme in homes and businesses.