FLOOR_STORY Founder, Simon Goff met Kangan Arora many years ago and they immediately shared a passion for travelling, design and textiles. Kangan's bold, bright textiles and cinematic photography capture the beauty and chaos of life in the subcontinent. Her ability to tell the stories through design, of the many curious characters and remarkable sights and scenes encountered on her travels, left a lasting impression.

Long believing these stories would translate perfectly to the expansive world of rugs, a collaboration was conceived. Simon’s Indian heritage and Kangan’s elegant capturing of her homeland seemed like a great place to start and so their FLOOR_STORY began. Kangan has created 3 striking pieces for FLOOR_STORY; their bold patterns are inspired by a kaleidoscopic array of circus tents and the excitement of an Indian kite-flying festival. Each piece is hand knotted using the traditional Tibetan Weave at 80 knots in 100% wool. It takes a skilled weaver around 3 months to produce. Each design will be limited to 20 pieces and every rug made to order. Along with a certificate of provenance every rug will be supplied with a digital history, which will include concept drawings, CADS and photos of its production story from Yarn dyeing, loom loading & weaving to packing. We welcome Kangan Arora to the FLOOR_STORY collective.